There are three places to anchor around Turtlecrawl Point. 

  1. On the southeast side of the peninsula. The safest way to enter is to begin following the private markers around GICW G”23”. Around their G”11” you can edge in towards the shore. Good protection from NW winds over a muddy/sand bottom. Plenty of wakes from passing boats, but, as usual, these generally stop after sundown.
  2. On the west side of the peninsula and before getting to the Welch Causeway Bridge there’s a large anchoring area off the east side of the waterway between markers G”5” and R”10”. Can’t miss the place as there are a lot of boats anchored there already. Wind protection from northerly and easterly winds is excellent. Expect passing wakes during daylight hours.
  3. Though I haven’t anchored in this spot as I have in the previous two, there is reported to be an anchorage just north of the Welch Causeway and there is access ashore with dinghy dockage and a Publix supermarket and a Mickey Doo Doo’s is there if you care to clog your arteries.

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