The area around Tarpon Springs offers many anchorages. Some are VERY popular during holidays and weekends when the weather’s fine.

Three Rockers, the long key on the south end offers good protection from westerly winds if you anchor on the east side and vice versa on the west. But the west side can be rough even after the winds calm down since the water there is the Gulf of Mexico. Good holding in clean sand on either side of the island.

Anclote Key to the north offers great protection from most winds. The bottom is clean sand. This is a popular staging area for people headed to the panhandle who want to cut down the mileage by avoiding the “Big Bend.” When I was anchored here, though, a strong squall blew through and made the island a dangerous lee shore. After the squall passed I high tailed it out of there and made the 3.5 mile run up into the anchorage just inside the land of the Anclote River. The anchorage there offers superb protection from wind in any direction. (See the Tarpon Springs chapter for more information.)

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