There is little reason to go to Hernando Beach unless you need to get fuel.

There are two marinas at the end of a very long, narrow, winding channel where you can gas up. When you get to civilization the channel branches off to the right and left. Hang a right to get to the Hernando Beach Marina which sells gas and diesel. The Blue Pelican sells gas only. Neither will let you tie up and spend the night on your boat.

As you come in off of the Gulf the channel to the left is a long series of rock spoil islands. Be REAL careful to stay in the channel here. On the northern side of the islands is the very shallow Rice Creek Bay. Most of it is no deeper than three feet at low tide. Carefully swing into the bay between R”36 and R”38.

 On nice warm days there are always a large number of anchored boats there with people standing around in water up to their waists. If you’re able to float in at least three feet then anchoring up behind the spoil islands in mostly sandy bottom is a good place to spend the night. The islands provide excellent protection from the wakes of the long parade of commercial fishing boats that go out at dusk and return at daybreak.

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