The long haul up the Pithlachascotee river (say that fast three times) from the first day marker of the channel into Port Richey is well worth the effort. In the open water around the channel before you come inside the land there are a number of what are referred to as “Shacks” on the NOAA charts. They’re far from that! These structures are reminiscent of the old “Stiltsville” of Biscayne Bay long ago before devastating storms like Andrew erased the place.

As you make your way up the river you’ll pass American Marina on your left. Can’t miss its large, blue dry storage building. They sell gasoline and diesel. A little further along on your starboard side is the Port Richey Marina, a much smaller operation but selling gas and diesel, too. 

Go a little further and the river makes a right hand turn and a fixed bridge a few hundred yards along will stop sailboats from continuing on. Just before making that right hand turn there’s a Hooters restaurant and a seafood place with boat docking.

If you’re not hungry when you get that far up the river take a hard turn to the left and go into Miller’s Bayou. It’s actually a small lake surrounded by houses. The sand and mud bottom is around eight feet deep and there’s unlimited swinging room. This is a very quiet anchorage. You’re likely to be the only one there. Occasionally some people in small boats will come by to fish the mangroves on the west bank of the bayou or a jet ski might buzz through and leave after a single turn about the basin. That’s it.

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