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Four Feet or Less: Gunkholing Florida’s Gulf Coast


Richard S. Philbrick

©Richard S. Philbrick 2021

Gunkholing: (verb):

The art of leisurely cruising from place to place without a schedule and spending the nights anchored in out of the way coves, creeks, marshes, inlets and rivers, instead of a marina.


Cruising should be entirely for pleasure, and when it ceases to be so it no longer makes sense. Of course those who want to beat out what little brains they have in a night thrash to windward should have a strong, stiff racing machine, a very expensive contraption, one which sacrifices the best qualities of a cruiser. But the little yacht that can snuggle alongside some river bank for the night and let its crew have their supper in peace while listening to the night calls of the whippoorwill will keep its crew much more contented. They will be particularly happy and contented when the evening rain patters on the deck and the coal-burning stove becomes the center of attraction. Then if you can lie back in a comfortable place to read, or spend the evening in pleasant contemplation of the next day’s run, well, then you can say “This is really cruising.” —- L. Francis Herreshoff

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